Vanessa Stuart

Vanessa grew up in Scotland and now lives and works in the USA.
With a hands-on philosophy learned from hands-on experience, Vanessa spent a decade in yachting before coming ashore to develop and teach interior training programs and work on global issues for the superyacht industry.

Working at a variety of exclusive hotels, Private Estates and ski resorts. while studying at art collage for her Fine Arts BA Hons in Sculpture.
She started a 10 years yachting career working aboard the largest yacht of its kind at that time, where she was also trained as butler/valet for the family’s private aircraft.

Leaving yachting in 2000 to work for the, “American Yacht Institute, she spent the next 9 years assisting to develop the company while discovering her true passion for training yacht crew.

Gaining a Massage Therapy License and Bartending and Etiquette Certificates, Vanessa is also instrumental with her role as Administrator for the International Superyacht Society. Vanessa currently works as a GUEST approved trainer for Maritime Skills Academy.

Vanessa believes that training is about giving back and inspiring the youth of today to pass on their knowledge to the youth of tomorrow.
“We are never too old to stop learning
and we all should learn something new every day.”
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