G.U.E.S.T. Approved Trainers

With over 300 years of combined experience in hospitality -  our approved G.U.E.S.T. trainers offer a wealth of valuable expterise to crew at all levels.

See below for information on how to become an accredited trainer.
  1. Jill Sullivan
    Jill Sullivan
    Jill has worked as a manager within the Private Assets, Super Yachts and Personal Services sector for over 20 years. Her knowledge and absolute understanding of the elite hospitality industry is unquestionable. Her skills and passion for progression within the service industry provide Jill with a focus to continue to elevate service standards beyond expectations. After initially training to be a nurse, Jill discovered the world of super yachts. She was particularly drawn to it realizing that her observant nature, attention to detail and caring approach were transferable and relevant to the industry. Jill worked as a Chief Stewardess on yachts for 8 years including M.Y. Meduse, M.Y. Tatoosh and M.Y. Octopus. Throughout her years on board, Jill was involved in organizing many events including over 6 years of party planning at the Cannes film festival. After transferring to being land based, Jill worked as Yacht Operations Specialist with the Vulcan Fleet, setting up Interior Operations during the 18 month build of M.Y. Octopus. As the build completed, Jill was appointed as Property Manager for the Estate in London. During her 10 years in this role, Jill was approached to create a comprehensive service training program which she rolled out throughout the Vulcan Fleet. Over the next 5 years, Jill provided extensive tailored training to the Interior Service teams and European Estates. Underpinned by two decades of service delivery across Motor Yachts and Private Estate Management, Jill’s hospitality experience is unparalleled and her style is confident, easy going and approachable. Jill is excited to be joining the team at IYS and to share their common goal of bringing service standards to new heights, and to facilitate and deliver the ultimate in hospitality knowledge.
Becoming an accredited Trainer
The PYA will accredit individuals to become PYA GUEST© Approved Trainers.
As an independent PYA GUEST© Approved Trainer you may apply to teach under any of the PYA GUEST© approved Training Providers worldwide.
Part of the PYA GUEST© approval requires potential instructors to hold the appropriate qualifications, experience and endorsements, as listed in the Trainer Requirements Document.
​​​For PYA to approve an individual Trainer or a Trainer part of a Training Centre, the trainer is required to complete an application form and provide a current CV with photo, letters of reference, qualifications held appropriate to the level being taught and a relevant teaching certificate.​
Trainers will be responsible for producing their own course notes and lesson plans which have to be endorsed. All training is to be completed in English, so approved trainers must have a good working knowledge of the written and spoken English language.

​​​The PYA encourages Trainers to keep up to date with CPD and relevant training. In addition, the PYA provides annual Train the Trainers sessions as part of the approval and support.
If you would like to apply for PYA GUEST© Trainers approval, please complete the approval form.
All instructor requirements are at the discretion of the Professional Yachting Association
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