G.U.E.S.T. Table Setting, Cocktails and Canapes
Competition & Rules

Showcase your unique styles and flair at the Monaco Yacht Show Annual Competition
The Table Setting, Cocktails and Canapes Annual Competition held during the Monaco Yacht Show. 
The annual GUEST© Table Cetting Competition is held during the Monaco Yacht show and will incorporate both an arrival Cocktail and Canapes in accordance to the appointed theme.
 The objective of the competition is for the participants to demonstrate their skills and techniques and to highlight their creativity  following the appointed theme by producing an original table presentation, a welcome cocktail and appropriate canapes.
This is a GUEST initiative to not only give the interior crew a chance to shine but also to raise funds for a chosen Charity linked to the event and theme.
The Competition:
The competition is open to all interior crew onboard any size of yacht participating in the Monaco Yacht Show. Including yachts in and anchored off the port, subject to pick up.
The Theme and chosen Charity will be announced 2 weeks prior to the show and posted on the GUEST Facebook page  when registration opens.

The Chief Steward/ess will be the named participant for the Table and Cocktail elements and the Chef for the Canapés.

Yachts MUST enter a Table Setting element, however are not obliged to enter all three elements, and entries can be accepted up to 15.00pm the day before the Judging date.
The Prize giving:
The results and prize giving will be held on the Friday afternoon of the show, along and Interior Seminar which will include updates about the GUEST Program with guest speakers.

Winning categories:

The Overall Winners for all three elements will go to the Chef and Chief Steward/ess and the participating team.
The Overall 2nd Place for all three elements will go to the Chef, Chief Steward/ess and participating team
The Winning Cocktail will go to the named person
The Winning Canapes will go to the Chef or named person
The Winning Table Setting  will go to the Chief Steward/ess or named person
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  • The crew will be faced with the challenge of artistically decorating an interior or exterior table on-board, using the yacht’s own linen, tableware, glassware and decorations.
  • The cocktail element will encourage crew to be original and innovative, not only in their craft of Mixology but in their overall thinking of the theme and presentation.
  • Each participating crew member’s attire should be appropriate to the setting.
  • Marks will also be given for the welcome and general etiquette and personal presentation of the participating crew. 
  • The Cocktail is part of the theme, ideally as a welcome drink.
  • The Canapes is an optional part of the completion, and will be executed by the Chef on-board.
  • The participating crew should have a brief explanation (or story) behind their choice of table setting, cocktail and canapés based on the theme.
  • All linens, table top decors, plates, glassware, flatware and other props and materials are to be provided by the competitor.
  • Competitors may choose to set-up on either an interior or exterior table, with either a formal or informal interpretation of the theme.
  • Competitors may execute a table setting for a minimum of two (2) persons, and must include chairs, table, napkins, chinaware, flatware and glassware.
  • Each setting must have an appropriate menu card on the table related to the display.
  • Competitors shall be responsible for the security of their displays.

Presentation of the table setting (15 points)
Composition and accuracy of settings, based on a menu (25 points)
Creativity and originality (15 points)
Execution of the theme (15 points)
Artistry and use of materials (15 points)
Total 85 points

Originality of cocktail (10 points)
Presentation and visual appeal (15 points)
Balance and flavour (25 points)
Execution of the theme (10 points)
Total 60 points

Originality of Canapés (10 points)
Presentation and visual appeal (15 points)
Appropriate taste and seasoning. Quality and flavour (25 points)
Execution of the theme (10 points)
Total 60 points

Presentation and etiquette of the participating crew (15 points)
Coordination of the table setting, cocktail and canapés (10 points)
Total 25 points

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