Sophie Leach

Sophie has pursued her passion for hospitality, travel and great service, and with 6 years in the yachting sector and over 15 years in land based hospitality, she is now sharing her professional skills and experience through teaching. Sophie is passionate about educating and bettering others getting into, or wanting to improve their service and hospitality skills in the yachting sector.

Having fallen in love with the Hospitality Industry at the age of 16, Sophie enjoyed and exceled working in various types of hospitality environments in her home country Australia. With a keen interest in learning about Wines, Fine Dining and High End Service, Barista and Cigars. Her land-based employment experiences also included being a Personal Assistant, Personal Trainer and Nanny.

Sophie has enjoyed and worked hard in all interior positions in yachting including Stewardess, Personal Trainer, Masseuse, PA and Chief Stew on motor yachts ranging from 26 to 65 meters.

Sophie is now working for The Crew Academy as a GUEST Trainer and happy to share her passion with others who are keen to excel in this area.  

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