GUEST Accredited Training Providers

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The following Training Providers are approved to offer the GUEST Program .

For a more comprehensive guide please see our GUEST Directory.

  These Training Providers have met the standards and requirements under the IAMI GUEST Guidelines criteria and in accordance with the signed Accreditation Agreement Terms and Conditions.

The Principal has agreed to uphold these standards of training and learning outcomes through assessment.

The Training Providers are monitored through IAMI audits and student feedback.

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Becoming an accredited
Training Provider

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As with any accreditating body, there are processes and procedures to follow.

IAMI accredits Training Providers based on a number of factors, as laid out in the GUEST Training Providers Agreement.
This agreement states the conditions of recognition in the form of Terms and Conditions regarding the collaboration between IAMI and the Training Provider. 
The Terms and Conditions clearly state the processes and procedures that IAMI require for the initial audit and on-going maintenance of standards under the GUEST Accreditation banner, including:

  • Preparation of the Training Provider to meet the criteria with supporting documentation​
  • The Application process and the details regarding the Accreditation site visit
  • Application review
  • Final approval leading to the Training Provider being placed on the register of approved centres.

Please note that PYA no longer offers Accredation - all approvals must come through IAMI