Sachiko Katsurada

  Sachi is a florist from Japan who has been a French resident for the last 9 years. Having previously worked for Japan Airlines at Tokyo Airport she has been actively involved in customer service and international communications and has excellent social and teaching skills.

 She studied flower art in Japan and then moved to Montreal in Canada to study French whilst at the same time working as a florist to increase her English skills.

Following her move to France she worked in a prestigious and popular flower boutique in Cannes for 4 years and then began working as a freelance florist when she got married to
her English photographer husband 5 years ago. The business has increased over the years and now covers floral decorations for both large and small events for weddings, hotels, boutiques and yachts.

Her arrangements are original and meticulous with a refined Japanese influence, but they also encompass the classic, vintage, modern and Provençal styles.
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