Rika Doyle

Rika Doyle (1958) is one of the Senior Trainers at Heilbron Hospitality.

A native South African, Ms. Doyle has worked and lived internationally for a number of years (Switzerland and USA). Her career spans more than 25 years in which her ability and skill in the Behavioural Sciences (BA 2000) and Soft Skills has been moulded and developed to its present level.

As a professionally trained butler (Cum Laude 2013), her training prowess achieved an extra dimension. She was appointed in 2001 as the first woman in Africa as a Behavioural Science Consultant. Her passion lies with people and their self-development and has the extraordinary talent of touching the very core of her students.

Rika Doyle approaches the subjects of People, Passion, Integrity, Creativity and Leadership from a unique perspective and depth. She has a wealth of experience working with butlers across the globe. Her fascination for both the big picture and the smaller details of life weaved with a masterful skill in communication allows her to build relationships with her trainees leaving them intrigued, inspired and provoked into action.
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