Patricia George​

 After sailing her way through her undergraduate years at the University of California at Berkeley and adding an Associate’s Degree in the Culinary Arts in New York, Tish found her place in the yachting industry.

Tish spent 15 years onboard high profile charter yachts, both sail and power, fluidly filling positions on the interior, on deck, and in the galley.  She started on yachts as chef and solo stew.  Quickly, she found herself a chief stewardess and spent almost a decade with one program, where she was able to participate in two large builds.  That experience led her to focus on consultation during new construction as a voice for the interior.  Hiring and training crew members, organizing the interior, and working with yards to optimize efficiency inside the vessels were all part of her job.   She also  earned her 100 Ton USCG license, affording her the opportunity to be more involved with the multiple open ocean crossing she would make subsequently. 

In later years, Tish specialized in onboard training for charter vessels lasting up to a season at a time to streamline interior service and manage relationships between the departments of the vessel.  She has also helped develop training programs and wine appreciation programs for charter vessels.  Her passion is imparting her love for excellence to newer members of the industry, and instilling a sense of pride in the job that they are doing.
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