G.U.E.S.T Partners

Why industry professionals are backing your training investment
and supporting G.U.E.S.T.

Thank you to our Partners

G.U.E.S.T is here to support and inspire current and future crew, and in order for the PYA’s Continuing Professional Development GUEST workgroup, made up of volunteers, to continue to develop and ensure you get value regarding the standards & content of the training you receive, as well as the value that the yachting sector attribute’s to your qualification and training investment, we have recruited support from the heads of industry.

We continually receive positive feedback and endorsement from the GUEST alumni and with ongoing support and endorsements from ISS, MYBA and SYBAss, we are seen to be the industry led global crew training standard for interior crew.

Our sector is renowned for its commitment to excellence in every aspect, spending millions on all facets, from design to build, to shore sourced products and supplies, yet for years the required training for interior crew in this crucial area has been somewhat lacking, however with GUEST now developed through the PYA accreditation process and with the backing from Associations and heads of industry showing support to the training available for YOU, the very people who are charged with taking care of, and who showcase these products of excellence to the owners and guests we now have a valuable recognised standard of training available for the interior department’s.

We hope that as leaders in the yachting sector, Associations and yachting partners will continue to assist the PYA’s commitment by supporting this fundamental objective and thereby raising the standards of professionalism in the interior department. It is vital that we are able to afford the marketing platforms to show case the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and the training that is needed to provide these essential skills sets.

We are convinced that Owners and charter clients alike can be assured of the value of the onboard experience they receive, if our “front line” crew are professionally and regularly trained.

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