G.U.E.S.T. Awareness for industry events

Join us for a fun and interactive day showcasing G.U.E.S.T. training
The superyacht industry as a whole provides and endorses “excellence” in every aspect of the industry: from design to build and from shore support to products, supplies and services. However, the need to better support and endorse training for the very people who are charged with taking care of and showcasing these products of excellence to the owners continues to be overlooked.
These “Awareness days” are aimed at high profile industry professionals, including senior crew, owner representatives, management divisions and those who deal with and supply the interior department directly.
It is vital that as an Association the PYA ensure that the top echelons of our sector have a full understanding and awareness of the high-end education being offered and how it could positively and/or negatively affect their clients.
The aim of the Awareness for Industry Workshop is to inform the attendees about the benefits of the GUEST Program as well as demonstrate the level of training involved including some of the practical elements taught, issues arising from non-trained crew and also to gain essential feedback so that PYA can continue to focus on the training needs of this department.

Showcased by our team of GUEST Approved Trainers from all over the
world, we host a variety of fun and interactive workshops throughout the day, including the diversity of service styles, importance of etiquette and crew / guest interaction, management skills, food safety awareness and of course a wine workshop as well.

The feedback we have had to date has certainly highlighted how impressed everyone was with the GUEST team, and we have succeeded in highlighting the enormous potential the program has to make a significant and positive impact on all those involved in the superyacht industry, from yacht owners to managers and of course to the crew themselves.

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What people say about attending our G.U.E.S.T. Awareness days:
"Outstanding insight to GUEST in perfect facilities"
"Great range of topics covered from the technical to the practical - both classroom and interactive"
"Much more interesting than expected, it definitely exceeded my expectations"

"I didn’t realise there was so much involved in interior training"
"We need to raise the industry and owner expectations so that only the best is accepted'"
"It’s hard to understand why this training has not been there before"
"Currently many people feel that the level of interior training is ok, however there are obviously a lot of pitfalls and this Awareness Day has highlighted quite a few"
"I have already pushed to increase training budget for interior department onboard following this workshop"
"i will be reminding people that this industry is about the owner – so crew managers and brokers won’t let their crew get away with mediocre service"
GUEST Awareness Days | on location
We have been privillaged to have been able to run our GUEST Workshops
at a number of pretigious locations around the world.

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