1. GUEST Guidelines
    This is an overview of the GUEST program which includes the objectives and aims of the program as well as the career plan.
  2. GUEST Specifications, Learning Outcomes & Assessment Criteria
    This gives you the Specifications, Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria for each module
  3. Interior Training Record Book
    Download and print off your ITRB. Get the various tasks and assessments signed off. Designed to promote on-board training & includes the Yacht Ratings TRB.
  4. GUEST Glossary
    A complete summary of terms of service, cultural differences, forms of address and much more....
  5. Interior Crew Testimonial form
    As part of the application for CoC, you need to provide a formal record of service. You can use this testimonial to record your Yacht Service and Guests on days.
  6. Yacht Ratings Application form
    Apply for your Yacht Rating Certificate. The Yacht Rating certificate can be processed either by the MCA or the PYA office. Use in conjunction with the Yacht Ratings training record book.
  1. Application for Letter of Assessment
    If you have previous experience and / or formal training or academic achievements, you can apply via the Assessment route for your CoC.
  2. Application for CoC
    You can apply for your PYA GUEST Certificate of Competence once you have met the requirements at each level.
  3. Training Provider Application form
    To become an approved GUEST Trainer or Training Provider, please complete the application form and refer to the GUEST Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of accreditation.
  4. Course Calendar
    Find the course you need - take a look at the PYA Accredited training providers and the PYA approved courses on the PYA course calendar.
  5. Ships Cook Certificate Application
    For anyone who cooks for more than 10 crew on-board MLC compliant vessels. Apply now for the Ships Cook Certificate.
  6. Worldchefs Application form
    Chefs wanting to gain further recognition for achievements and experience - apply for the Worldchefs Yacht Awards.