Ship's Cook Certificates
In 2013, the PYA took the initiative to develop a luxury yachting equivalent route to obtain the compulsory Ships Cook Assessment with the MCA.
This was undertaken in response to the pending regulations under MLC (with the deadline of August 2014 looming), where it was required for MLC compliant commercial yachts to have a qualified "Ship's Cook Certificate" holding cook on board at all times when catering for more than 10 crew on board. (Note this does not include guests).

If nothing had been done, our chefs and cooks would have had to take a further education route of up to 6 months to qualify for a certificate - but now they can achieve this in an assessment course in a few days. There are currently two MCA approved SSC Assessments centres (France and UK based) who offer this easy route for the yacht chefs to achieve the SCC.

There are various entry level requirements for application for the SCC as well as certificates of equivalency and in some cases exemptions.

Download  MSN 1846 for details on the Ship Cook Certitfication from the MCA (UK)

Download the Application for a Ships' Cook Certificate of Competency (MSF 4395) 
Food safety training
Food Safety Training is an MLC 2006 requirement and applies to all crew working on board MLC compliant vessels who are involved with food handling.

Regardless of number of crew or size of vessel, any person who touches food, whether for guests or crew, needs to hold a recognised and valid certificate.
Food handling includes food preparation, cooking, plating food, preparing snacks & sandwiches, unwrapping food, taking food in and out of the fridges, storing food, serving food and clearing plates. This means effectively every crew member onboard.

The Food Safety in Catering Level 2 certificate is the MCA recommended qualification for all crew.
The Food Safety Level 2 is part of the GUEST program for entry level crew and the Level 3 Food Safety Supervision course is recommended for Heads of Department at Management level who also supervise  crew working in the Service department.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MCA did recognise online food safety courses for a while,  however these are no longer considered acceptable as a standalone course. The Virtual College Food Safety online courses (City & Guilds) will only be accepted by the MCA if you also take a practical assessment by visiting an accredited test centre.

Download MIN 559 for MLC 2006 Food Safety and catering recognise qualifications.

Worldchefs Awards
The Professional Yachting Association has recently signed an agreement with Worldchefs where each recognise the other as an Associate Members of their organisations.

PYA and WORLDCHEFS have agreed a recognition and reward programme (which includes a programme of training and examinations) that will make it possible for Cooks and Chefs working in the yachting sector to gain the Worldchefs/PYA Professional Culinary Certification Awards qualifications.

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