A Career in Yachting - Interior Department

If you are exploring a career option of a position in the interior department of a super yacht then be prepared. The yachting sector is all about the hospitality and high end service requirements of the higher echelons of society and mega wealthy, who own or charter professionally crewed luxury yachts – and expect the best.

 A few questions answered….

What is a luxury yacht?
A luxury yacht may be either a sailing or motor yacht, and refers to a very expensive privately owned yacht which is professionally crewed.  A “super” yacht is usually over 24meters and any luxury yacht over 100meters is called a “mega” yacht.

What is the yachting industry?
The “yachting” industry is a sector within the global maritime fleets which caters for private or charter clients. There are currently over 5000 luxury yachts in the world ranging from 24 metres to over 100 metres that require professional and qualified crew. In the last few years the yachting industry has grown quickly and employs an estimated 42,000 crew worldwide. The yachting sector’s continuing growth worlwide is still seeing large numbers of yachts in build, and market data predicts over 6000 yachts in fleet by 2019.

Yachts employ crew year round, either as crew on board Charter Yachts, or Private Yachts. Most yachts take on “junior seasonal crew” during the cruising periods, which are traditionally made up of a "summer season" in the Mediterranean (May to October), and a "Caribbean season" (November to April) although in recent years many yacht owners and charter clients are becoming more adventurous by exploring less traditional cruising grounds or in some cases even circumnavigating the world.

A Charter Yacht is a yacht that is “coded” (registered) as a “commercially operated yacht”, and is obliged to follow maritime rules and regulations, such as IMO (International Maritime Conventions) and safe manning, as well as being in “class” and comply with the Commercial Yacht Code Regulations within its chosen registry (Flag). Charter Yachts take on paying clients (guests) for periods of time under a Charter contract. Charter yachts also accommodate owner’s trips and can be extremely busy yachts to work on.  

A Private Yacht is used solely for private recreational purposes by the owners, to entertain family and friends. The Private Yachts are traditionally less demanding with regards to activity and operation, and there are significant differences in terms of regulations and rules for operating a pleasure yacht compared to a commercial yacht.