Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training
  Maritime hospitality training on board luxury Super Yachts

What is GUEST?

GUEST is the minimum hospitality and service standards of
 training required for those working in the interior departments of a Super Yacht.

The PYA GUEST program is designed to inspire and support current and future Stewards and Stewardesses working in the interior department of the luxury Super Yacht sector. GUEST is a learning platform to further your career and fill the gaps in skill sets from Chief, Senior and Junior levels.

Working together with the top trainers and mentors who are on hand to deliver training and support to current Heads of the Interior Departments, giving you the confidence and management skills to lead your team and produce the excellence expected from the yachting community who rely on YOU as the frontline to the luxury super yacht sector.
GUEST approved trainers all have extensive yachting and high end hospitality backgrounds and fully understand the pressures of working in a multifaceted environment and the quantity and quality of the skills required to perform your role on-board.
The GUEST program is designed by professionals in the yachting community and interior departments, to be progressively shaped and moulded by trends and owners expectations, through feedback and consultation, so that YOU can become the best interior department the yachting sector has ever had.

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Looking for a career in the interior department of a Super Yacht.

If you are inspired to work at the top levels of hospitality service on board the world’s most exclusive luxury yachts, you would be wise to consider the required skills and training, from entry level to head of department.  

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by major Superyacht Associations
& heads of industry
 who recognise the 
GUEST program as the global interior
crew training standard.

Quick guide to G.U.E.S.T.
GUEST Syllabus
Download the syllubus plan from junior level to head of department.
The complete guidelines  of accreditation and training within the GUEST program.
Take a look at our list of approved training providers worldwide.
See who is supporting and sponsoring interior department development.
Latest CoCs Issued
Total GUEST certificates
We have a continuous stream of junior and experienced Interior crew applying for a GUEST Certificate of Competence.
With 23 Training Schools worldwide, the total number of course completion certificates issued since 2013 is:
149 CoCs issued
7858 certificates issued
"We need to raise the industry and owner expectations so that only the best is accepted"
comment from a Captain following a GUEST Awareness day workshop.
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